Developing E-Commerce Skills in COVID19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses seized opportunities for further growth by improving their websites and e-commerce capabilities. Competition in e-commerce has become more important for SMEs in the last 8 months. Online shopping companies increased their profits even more during this pandemic period. When traditional shopping becomes difficult and even intimidating, people tend to shop more and more online. The fact that consumers embrace online retailers has significantly facilitated this transition.

Even if retail businesses reopen completely, the advantages of online shopping will not disappear. This is the perfect time for SMEs to increase their e-commerce capabilities. The factors that will further increase the growth of e-commerce need to be examined. There are some reasons why people keep shopping more online.

  • During the pandemic, people acquired new shopping habits. Because of the limitations in normal life, the way people buy products has changed.
  • Fears of COVID-19 will not disappear overnight. Even when the limitations are over, people will be cautious and many will still prefer to shop in the safe environment of their home.
  • The rapid growth of mobile devices makes browsing and shopping online easier than ever. People can order one-handed from a device that is probably always in their hand or pocket.
  • There are options for ordering online, even if some products become scarce in physical stores. Many things that are not available on the market can be ordered online or pre-ordered.

When looking for a web designer who claims to specialize in eCommerce, there are a few qualities and skills which are a must. An eCommerce web designer is not just creative, but is usually an expert in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

How about gaining skills in website design and development to make an e-commerce site in this period? The WebLeap project will be available online to users in 2021 to offer new employment opportunities in the pandemic like an e-commerce designer.

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