The Online Meeting 14th January 2021

The fifth online meeting of the Voc Weab Leap Project was held under the moderation of the coordinator institution with the participation of partners through the Google Meeting.

The coordinator explained the important agenda topics to be discussed in this meeting and explained the preparations of the interim report and the dates it covered. The coordinator made an overview of the activities carried out since the last online meeting. He said how the IO3 preparations are and what needs to be done. Lia said that IO3 training materials would be uploaded to the admin platform by the end of January. The coordinator reminded that the partners should also upload word versions of IO3 translations to the admin platform. In addition, the deadlines, and preparations for IO4 and IO5 were explained. In addition, he explained the activities that the project partners should carry out between 14.01.2021 and 15.04.2021.

The coordinator institution stated that the date of the seventh online meeting should be in April to better evaluate the IO4 and IO5 studies. All partners agreed that the next online meeting should take place on April 15 at 14:00 CET.

The coordinator institution thanked all partners for their effective participation.

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