The Online Meeting 8th October 2020

The meeting started with the introduction of new participants of the project partners. It was asked how the project partners carried out their project works during the COVID-19 pandemic process, and what kind of difficulties they faced. In addition, it was asked what kind of changes in their countries not only for implementation of project activities but also for carrying out normal workflows in this autumn period during this pandemic period.

Project partners explained their activities between June-October 2020. The feedbacks concerning Chapter I’s materials prepared by UMFST were discussed by the partners. All participants explained their comments on Chapter I. Deadline suggestions for the preparation of the first 13 chapters of UMFST were discussed. It was discussed which chapters could be prepared until the end of October. The coordinator explained what achievements should be achieved in IO3 in November and December and the comments of the partners on this issue were listened.

It was discussed that within IO2, a guide could be prepared for the more effective use of the distance education platform of the project by the partners. In addition, the leading partner as UOI will upload Chapter I’s materials as an example to the Moodle platform. When the uploads are ready, it will show the partners how these uploads are done in practice and will share video shooting of this presentation with the partners. A username and password for each project partner will be created to upload the translation materials on behalf of partner countries. Project partners will upload the translations with their own username and password to the Moodle platform when the first 13 Chapters of IO3 are ready.

UOI showed participants how to use the Moodle platform practically. It explained how participants will create tests step by step, how they will evaluate these tests, how they can add additional resources etc.

The lead partner asked the project partners to share their innovative practices for dissemination in the COVID-19 pandemic process with other partners on the admin platform. In addition, it asked them to carry out at least 3 dissemination activities for target groups and beneficiaries each month. In this period, dissemination activities to be carried out mostly on the internet may include the sharing of relevant articles for target groups and beneficiaries, news in the local press about the progress in the project, and sharing of video shoots with subject experts. Meanwhile, each partner institution was asked to suggest a slogan for each education level. The lead partner will open a discussion topic on this issue.

Next Online Meeting: The next online meeting will be held on 26 November at 13:30 CET.

The coordinator institution thanked all partners for their participation.

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