Web design prices are determined according to the content to be processed, the number of pages, how many languages the website software will be written in, whether it is SSL or not, and various special forms.

By choosing web hosting and domain, the necessary registration could be done monthly and for several years. When the time comes, the necessary extension procedures must be followed.

Yes. The mobile version of the existing website can be made later.

After the website is created, an administration panel is created in accordance with the content. With the help of this management panel, the customer can make the necessary changes on the website himself/herself.

Web design and SEO work are separate studies. SEO work is required for ranking on the search engine.

Ready-made systems can be used in web design. On the other hand, if every part from the website design to the management panel is done with the coding method, flexible and customer-focused designs can be created.

It usually uses PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3 software languages in web design. In design work, various photoshop programs are used. Websites can also be produced as mobile-compatible, i.e. responsive.

When designing a web design, you should first look at the work objectively with a receptive eye. It is aimed to create web designs that are easy for everyone to understand from the user’s point of view. From a technical point of view, it should be aimed at producing debugged websites that comply with WC3 standards.
It is important that the mobile versions of the websites are also fast along with the desktop. Evaluating these data, SEO should be presented to the customer after technical analysis, making sure that the studies are error-free

The first interview should be provided by contacting the customer. First of all, it is necessary to try to understand the customer and the project. The necessary information should be obtained from the customer for the images to be used for the logo and design. After that, web design studies should be started.
A preliminary study should be conducted on the sector in which the study will take place. Every study in the same sector at domestic and abroad should be examined for preliminary information purposes. A demo website is prepared accompanied by preliminary information. The prepared demo is shared with the project owner. If a common denominator is found as a result of the study, work should be started on the sub-pages of the project. Work continues in the form of obtaining approval as a result of removing sample sub-pages and sharing them with the customer.
The studies are continuing in the form of user interface software studies. The administration panel of the website is written. In the same process, the mobile version of the website is made and presented to the project owner as a whole.
After receiving the necessary approvals, the website will be published. After the test broadcasts, the website is completely published by making settings such as emails, sending operations, Google registration, map operations.

According to the project, the completion time of the web design varies. A standard corporate web design can be delivered in an average of a few weeks. In this process, the website administration panel and the mobile version are also made with it. Due to the wide scope of some projects, they can be delivered within a period of 1-2 months. The net time during the interaction with the project managers is reported at that time.